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  • THE Healthy Beef Stick

    This doctor formulated, gluten free, keto friendly beef stick has fruits, vegetables, and is packed with protein.

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The StickIt Story

StickIt started as a small family farm that raised Scottish Highlander cattle.  Originally, the beef was sold in local farmers’ markets, but the idea to change to a beef snack grew as a way to reach more consumers with a healthy alternative to widespread American fast food.  Dr. Tom Nicholson, a surgeon, and his father-in-law, Bob Ritchey, first experimented with making beef jerky, yet Tom’s desire to create a healthy, balanced snack was still left unfulfilled.  Trial after trial, numerous recipes with ingredients from various food groups and origins across the world were tested, and StickIt eventually became a reality, finally having a flavor that everyone liked.  The final recipe contained beef (protein), chia (grain), brown rice, banana (fruit), and beets (vegetable) to create a high-energy snack.  Tom then partnered with his best friend, Jim Osmolinski, a successful businessman in the die and cutting industry, to develop a packaged product that could appeal to everyone.  Together, their creativity, business experience, and years of persistence crafted the healthy snack designed to keep you going throughout your day.  The team of businessman and surgeon formed a great friendship and finalized a new beef stick that unites first-class ingredients from various food groups in a fantastically healthy way.

The final step in the process was to incorporate professional business experience and unique packaging design to enable Stickit to succeed. Tommy turned to his best friend, Jim Osmolinski. Being a successful self-made businessman for over thirty years in the packaging industry, Jim provided business insight, creativity, and resources necessary to the Stickit company. The partnership thrived from their ability to balance eager creativity and hard-nosed business experience to form a fantastic product. The Stickit beef stick symbolizes the friendship and bond Jim and Tommy developed over their years of persistence and dedication to creating a snack anyone could enjoy.