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Mix and Match Original & Teriyaki Beef Sticks

Delight in the best of StickIt Snacks with our Mix & Match Pack – a flavorful duo of Original and Teriyaki Beef Sticks. Choose from a 10-pack (5 of each flavor) or a 20-pack (10 of each) and savor the deliciousness that each stick brings to your snacking journey.

Original Beef Sticks

Uncover the epitome of flavor, well-being, and convenience with StickIt Snacks Original Beef Sticks. Brimming with the essence of smoked beef, these snacks, devoid of gluten, dairy, and soy, cater to your cravings while upholding your dietary preferences. Each stick is a savory odyssey, delivering protein to energize your active pursuits.

Heighten your snacking experience with these protein-rich beef sticks. They emerge as the perfect companions for any escapade – whether it's a cross-country adventure, serene camping retreat, or a handy non-perishable snack for travel. Convenience blends seamlessly with wholesomeness – drop them into your bag pre-gym or relish them by the campfire.

Teriyaki Beef Sticks

Savor a symphony of flavors with StickIt Snacks soy-free Teriyaki Beef Sticks. Crafted meticulously, these delightful sticks present a fusion of delectable taste and health-conscious choices. Laden with protein, they tantalize your taste receptors while nurturing your physique.

Infused with the spirit of exploration, our Teriyaki Beef Sticks are not just mere snacks – they're your companions during ventures of discovery. Encased in single-stick packaging, their freshness remains intact, transforming them into ideal non-perishable travel snacks. Be it a keto pre-workout lift or a wholesome camping indulgence, these sticks are your versatile answer.